The ERASMUS Placements program of the European Union helps undergraduates and graduates alike to prepare optimally for entry into the working life.

Students qualify for support under ERASMUS Placements if they wish to undertake a training period of at least three months' duration in an EU country.

An Erasmus work placement is a period of work in a European enterprise, training and research centre or other organisation.  In order to be eligible, the work placement must be recognised as part of your degree programme. 

Most organisations are eligible as host organisations for Erasmus placements. 


Required documents for Application:

The minimum period for an Erasmus placement is three months, the maximum is one academic year and Erasmus work placements have to be organized by the students themselves.

It is generally possible to combine study and work placements that take place within one academic year provided that certain criteria are fulfilled. Please contact your departmental coordinator or the Exchanges & Study Abroad Team to find out more.

Forms to be completed for placements

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